Course Offerings

This is a list of elective course offerings at Cascade. 

Avid (Year-long)

This class will help you get college-ready by teaching you skills such as, note-taking, study skills, and collaboration. You will also learn about different colleges and careers. For this class you must commit to practicing your new skills in your other classes. Other requirements include satisfactory citizenship, good attendance, motivation, and a minimum GPA of 2.0.

* Students must complete an application and interview process

Art A-Z (Semester)

From Abstraction to Zentangle this class will cover a range of styles, techniques and materials. Each semester, includes basic skills and concepts to make your creative ideas come alive! We will explore the careers of a variety of contemporary artists and learn about the history of art through a project-based hands-on approach. All levels of experience are welcome!

Band Concert & Symphonic (Year-long)

The band room is where we work hard and play hard, and where the most experienced musicians at Cascade make music!  Band includes flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and percussion players.  We perform in small and large groups, evening concerts, assemblies at school, and take field trips to become better musicians.  Band becomes your family at school, and we’ll always have your back.  You do not need to own an instrument to join band.

Concert Choir (Year-long)

The class for people who can’t help but sing!  Choir is a family of people who make incredible music together, and carry themselves with an air of professionalism everywhere they go.  You’ll sing some songs you know well, and learn lots of new songs – some in other languages!  Students will learn the healthy habits of singing, how to read music, and how to perform with pride! Choir will perform in evening concerts, daytime field trips, and assemblies.

Drumline (Semester)

Do you love seeing the drumlines on TV at sports games?  Have you ever wanted to learn to play the drums?  Now is your chance!  We will start by learning fundamentals of snare drum, then transition to all the other instruments in the percussion section (timpani, bass drum, and mallet percussion) and end with a unit on playing drum set.  You will leave with the skills to be able to play percussion in either a concert band class, or start a garage band with some friends!

World Strings- Ukulele (Semester)

This is a class designed to teach you the basics of the Ukulele.  We provide the instrument, you just show up and learn!  We’ll teach you basic chords, strum patterns, and introduce you to finger-picking over the course of the semester, and learn to play some songs you know well as well as teaching you some new songs!  Ukulele class will perform in one concert at the end of the semester.

Beginning Instruments-Orchestra (Semester)

If you have always wanted to learn a string instrument, now is your chance!  In Orchestra, we will teach you how to play the violin, viola, cello, or string bass (your choice!  And we provide the instruments).  Students will learn the basics of how to hold the instruments, read music, and play with the bow.  Orchestra is a wonderful way to learn a peaceful, expressive instrument that is featured in nearly all movies and TV shows!  This class will perform in evening concerts and will take daytime field trips.

Computer and Business Technology 1 (Semester)

Students will be introduced to the world of computers and business. We will look at what makes the most famous computer tech companies run and also learn about the code that allows these companies to be so successful (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Arduino, and App Building).

Business and Technology 2 is the second semester to Computer and Business Technology 1

Computer Tech (Semester)

Students will be introduced to the history of storytelling, film/video editing, and modern-day video sharing technology. The course will help develop analytical skills while also using industry level equipment to produce, edit and tell stories. Students will produce videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Year-long)

Do you already speak Spanish but would like to improve your Spanish language skills? Heritage Spanish will help you develop more fluent writing, reading and speaking skills in Spanish as we learn about Hispanic cultures and career opportunities that include interpretation and translation. At the end of the course, students in this class will have the opportunity to take the STAMP test for up to 4 years of World Language credits.

Spanish 1 (Year-long)

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? This is a class that introduces students to Hispanic cultures and the beginning vocabulary and grammatical structures of Spanish language.  Students will learn to build basic conversations with friends and family in Spanish.  We will work on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. At the end of this course, students will have the opportunity to take a placement test for up to 1 year of high school World Language credit.